Coin Master Free Link 2019-12-03 Link Free 2nd

Coin Master leveling system consists of villages. Your village number is your “Rank”. To find out what number you are on, then look at the in-game map function.

Villages come in different themes and scenarios. There are five objects that can be upgraded for coins you earn by playing. These objects can be damaged by other players if you don’t have any shields or Rhino pet activated. When an object is attacked, it will cost half the price of the previous upgrade to repair. If it is damaged two times in a row, you will have to pay full price to upgrade again.

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6 thoughts to “Coin Master Free Link 2019-12-03 Link Free 2nd”

  1. Appreciate the option to use coins for Spins – like this feature
    suggestion to ‘refresh’ the Trading Cards available- needs to have the cards in mid to greater ‘value’ so tgat on a purchase not all the same cards are shown to select from – we’re using coins to ‘purchase’
    Thank you – love game but it’s addictive

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