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Healthy Snacks For Work
Skip the vending machine with these healthful snacks for work that you could keep right at your desk. Snacking gets a reputation it might be a way to add nutrients and prevent you from getting hungry between meals.

Here are 10 healthful snacks when hunger strikes, you could keep. Whole wheat crackers – Crackers can be a way to meet that snack attack. Look for crackers with a whole grain as the first ingredient and with three or more grams of fiber per serving. The fiber helps keep you full. Spread hummus or a nut butter for protein on your own crackers and staying power. Purchase Them: Learn more on how to assemble purchase the best healthful crackers. For approximately 100 calories you’ll find a hot cup of oats and a serving of whole grains. Add nuts or dried fruits to boost the flavor.

When you’re searching, keep an eye on oatmeal that is flavored with. See our favored healthful instant oatmeals. Purchase Them: 3. Popcorn – Purchase healthful bagged popcorn at the grocery and keep some at your desk. You may have about 2 cups for not calories since popcorn is airy. Keep tabs on ingredients, the sodium in kettle and caramel corns, the sugar. Purchase It: 4. Nut or peanut Butter – peanut butter or another hazelnut butter makes a filling snack by itself. Or, serve on mini rice cake or an apple. There is a jar excellent to stash, although the packets are ideal for portion control.

Look for natural nut butters that do not have any added sugar. Purchase It: 5. Trail Mix – Single serving packets of trail mix or bring in a baggie with home made trail mix creates a great desk snack. Healthy fats, fiber and also protein in nuts help fill you up and also dried fruits help meet your sweet tooth. Be wary of store purchased trail mixes which are more candy than nuts and also fruit. Purchase It: 6. Dried Fruit – Dried fruits, like apricots, raisins and cherries are ideal for a desk snack. Pack from home or bring the entire bag in to your desk.

Just remember, since dried fruits is concentrated, the portion size is smaller compared to fruit. Typically 1\/4 cup of dried fruit is a serving. Look for dried fruits that do not have added sugar. Purchase It: 7. Nuts – Nuts once had a poor reputation as being high in fat and also calories, but they are really quite good for you.